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Milgrom on homeopathic “exploitation”

Milgromimage-website_zpsf3a19f16The letters on whether or not homeopathy is exploitive continue to arrive at the British Medical Journal. In the latest, Dr Lionel Milgrom (MARH, MRHom, BSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC) weighs in with a strong defence for homeopathy when he asks (and answers) the following questions:

  1. So, do homeopaths ‘tick boxes’, leave patients to dehydrate and wallow in their own excrement, or are responsible for the scandalous high death rates seen recently in some of our NHS hospitals? No.
  2. Do homeopaths prescribe lethal drug cocktails, hoping they might cure life-threatening illnesses like cancer? No.
  3. Would the relatives of Stafford’s and other hospital’s unnecessary victims, or Lord Maurice Saatchi (who referred to his wife’s cancer treatment as ‘medieval’) agree with Chapman’s assertion that, “the medicine Hahnemann despised no longer exists”? Probably not.
  4. Speaking of which, were homeopaths in any way responsible for the 4.5% of the UK population (around 2.68 million, including deaths) harmed by conventional medicine in the NHS, as reported by the House of Commons All Party Public Accounts Committee in 2006? No.

The above is just part of his letter. Read it in full for everything else he has to say about homeopathy – it is more than worth it for the references alone.

More Information: BMJ Milgrom Letter

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