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Minneapolis Talk: Vaccination OR Homeoprophylaxis?

Minneapolis_Montage_zps50bbd640Are you near Saint Michael, Minneapolis, USA? Would you like to know more about vaccination and homeoprophylaxis? If so, Dr Kimberley Martin is giving a talk on this subject on 24 October. Promotional information says…

How to Educate Your Child’s Immune System: Vaccination or Homeoprophylaxis

If you are a parent wanting to know how best to keep your children health this class is a must review the risks and alternatives to vaccination.

* We will overview basic functioning of the immune system, the importance of fevers, and how to support healthy development of the immune system so that your child can develop normally and free of allergies, food sensitivities, era infections, developmental delays, and more

* We will examine the method of vaccination, its history, development and present application and its effect on developing immune systems.

* We will introduce Homeoprophylaxis(HP), an alternative method of infectious disease prevention and learn how an energetic form of disease can actually educate the immune system without unwanted side effects.

More Information: Vaccination OR Homeoprophylaxis?

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