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Multiple Health Problems Improve

Sinusitis, Headaches, Hay Fever, High Blood Pressure, Rising PSA Levels, Insomnia and Anxiety

Multiple Health Problems Improve 2

Homeopath’s Report

Barry’s story shows the widespread changes that can happen when a remedy is chosen for the patient’s overall symptom complex, rather than just a few isolated symptoms. In Barry’s instance, he only needed the one remedy, Natrum muriaticum (Nat-m.) in this instance, in a range of potencies and the results were extremely good. For others, a series of remedies may be needed to achieve the same improvements – it all depends on whether the symptoms change or stays the same during treatment.

Barry started his treatment knowing only a little about homeopathy. Like many people he thought of homeopathy as being similar to herbal medicine, relying on plant-based remedies. In fact, homeopathy draws its remedies from many kingdoms – animal, vegetable, mineral, and “imponderables”. The remedy that was helpful for Barry was a potency prepared from a mineral salt.

Fran Sheffield  (Homeopath)

Barry’s Story

I did not start by approaching a homeopath for treatment. My introduction was in attending a homoeopathy workshop principally in support of my wife who was interested to see if this alternative resource could help a member of our family who has autism.

Being impressed by the presentation I did subsequently seek a consultation which I particularly liked because it dealt in some detail with the causative factors. An hour and a half’s consultation probed issues of what might be considered unrelated except this embraced the whole person in body mind and spirit. My experience with the conventional medical resource is that they deal only with the body and symptoms.

My ailments were multi-factorial albeit they might be considered minor. The main issue was blocked sinuses causing headaches and associated side-effects. This condition was exacerbated during spring due to the high pollen count in the atmosphere, also leading to hayfever. Medical help sought many years before offered only a temporary solution with surgery, removing the nose and cutting/removing cartilage. I remember asking the doctor how successful it would be and how long would the effects last. His response dissuaded me from taking this option even though I have now suffered with this complaint for 50 years.

The homoeopathic treatment was an infinitely small dose of a natural herbal compound in a liquid form that that I was to take once a week. Within three weeks my sinuses were 85% clear! The improvements were however ongoing and other issues started to clear up as well. I have been on blood pressure tablets two years and with this medical drug my blood pressure had been lowered from 180/105 down to approximately 155/85.

Now, approximately eight weeks after starting homoeopathy my blood pressure is 113/73 and I shall have to get my doctor to reassess my dosage or even cease all medication. Furthermore, my regular prostate tests have shown a PSA of 5.5, 6.0, and 7.9, progressively increasing over the last three years, supposedly age-related. My recent tests reported a PSA 5.0. My sinus now varies between 95% and 100% clear. Several other issues I referred to as multifactorial have also improved or disappeared.

Other body functions have changed (for the better) as well. I now sleep the night through and have found a softening in anxiety. Situations that worried me no longer affect me emotionally. In spite of these improvements I am told that my treatment hasn’t finished yet, so is homoeopathy good or is it good?