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Natural News and the Australian Telegraph

No-Jab-No-Play-300_zpse63b4467And finally, an interesting perspective on the Australian situation written in inimitable style by Mike Adams from Natural News. Mike says:

“In a new low for even the mainstream media, the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers in Australia are pushing a campaign of outright medical child abuse they call “NO JAB NO PLAY.” The campaign demands that unvaccinated children be barred from all social contact with other children and condemned to the life of a social outcast where parents are presumably supposed to raise them in cages in dark basements. The paper has launched its horrific, anti-human-rights campaign, “NO JAB NO PLAY” that demands children who are not vaccinated with state-mandated chemicals (which include mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and other toxins) be denied interaction with other children.”

Do you agree with him?

More Information: Australian Telegraph newspaper endorses medical child abuse: Unvaccinated children should be raised as outcasts.

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