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Politicians “barking mad” over Homeopathy for Ebola petition

politiciansNew Zealand Green MP Stefan Browning recently said that health officials should consider homeopathy for the Ebola virus. He also signed the Test Homeopathy for Ebola petition, shared it on his Facebook page, encouraged others to do likewise … and ended up in a whole lot of trouble.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said he would “love to see the medical research”, but dismissed Browning’s suggestion as “barking mad”, while Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said it was “a wacko idea” and “a really and stupid dangerous idea [sic].”

Hmmm. Let’s examine the facts for a moment.

Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world and continues to grow in popularity. It has an extensive record of positive use in epidemics, and current Government studies show it treats and prevents epidemics across tens of thousands to millions of people. (Links to this information are found within the petition and we hope MP Browning has taken the opportunity to pass them on to his Prime Minister:

With nothing else to offer for this disease, and deaths now numbered in the thousands, it’s hard to join with MP Coleman in calling a medical system with an excellent safety record dangerous, and the testing of remedies a “stupid […] idea.” Ignorance and political grand-standing have no place in this crisis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has to explore all options for the Ebola virus, something that is not happening at the moment.

We congratulate MP Browning for his moral and compassionate stance in this issue, and encourage him not to be intimidated by his political opponents. We join with him and other New Zealanders familiar with homeopathy in calling for homeopathic remedies to be tested for this disease. Until that happens, not every stone remains unturned.

More Information: PM says using homeopathy to treat Ebola is mad

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