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Positive results from homeopathic trial on HIV sufferers

11167699_1026236284072813_5361933423485053464_nA trial in which 27 HIV positive adults were treated with the HIV nosode (a homeopathic remedy prepared from disease matter, bacteria or virus) concluded with:

“The study results revealed improvement in immunological parameters, treatment satisfaction, reported by an increase in weight, relief in symptoms, and an improvement in health status, which opens up possibilities for future studies.”

It’s encouraging to see more studies being done with homeopathic nosodes, but it’s important to know that, while they allow easy one-size-fits-all treatment, individualised prescribing that matches the sufferer’s unique symptoms has always produced better results.

More information: Clinical trial for evaluation of a Human Immunodeficiency Virus nosode in the treatment for Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected individuals

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