Prof Jennifer Jacobs, University of Washington

  • Prof Dr Jennifer Jacobs is a clinical assistant professor at the university of Washington, USA
  • Her first study was a piolet study of acute diarrhea in children. It was small and the results weren’t statistically significant but they were in the right direction. She went back the following year with her study team and did a larger study on 81 subjects. They were all individually prescribed.
  • Half got the placebo and half got the remedies. There were 10 or 12 different remedies prescribed. When the results were analyzed, they were positive.
  • At the university of Washington, her professors were skeptical but open and when the analyses were done, they didn’t know which group was what, group x and y. This made it a triple blinded study.
  • They found significant results for one group but due to the nature of the study, they didn’t know which group this was. Her professor held the key and revealed that the homeopathic group was the one with statistically significant better results.
  • The paper was submitted to the journal pediatrics (highly rated with conventional medicines) and they published it.
  • She heard a rumor that the editor of pediatrics nearly lost his job for publishing that story, for publishing their research. There was a guest editorial that was published in pediatrics by several known homeopathic skeptics that tried to tear apart the study.
  • She received a phone call from the reporter of NY Times who asked what she thought about this guest editorial that is calling into question her results which was the first she had heard of that. She found this very unprofessional, 1 that the journal didn’t call her and 2, that the guest editorial didn’t go through a peer review.

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