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Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study

Video Synopsis

  • Professor Jennifer Jacobs is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington, USA
  • She conducted a small pilot study on acute diarrhea in children. The results were interesting, although not statistically significant.
  • The following year, she and her team conducted a larger, triple-blinded study with 81 subjects.
  • Half received the placebo and the remainder were given individualised remedies according to their symptoms.
  • 10 to 12 different remedies were prescribed, overall.
  • When the results were analysed, the homeopathic group had the statistically better outcomes.
  • The paper was submitted to the journal Pediatrics (highly rated by conventional medicine) and was subsequently published.
  • Following this, Prof Jacobs heard that the editor of Pediatrics almost lost his job for publishing the research.
  • Then, a guest editorial was published in the journal by several known “quack-buster” homeopathic skeptics who tried to tear the study apart.
  • Highly unusual and “unprofessional” was that the journal did not notify her of this (she first heard about it when contacted for comment by a reporter from the New York Times), and that the guest editorial didn’t go through a normal peer review.

The study discussed in this video is available at: Treatment of acute childhood diarrhea with homeopathic medicine: a randomized clinical trial in Nicaragua.