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  • Jeremy Sherr is a homeopath and has been one for 33 years. He says equally to being a practitioner he is a homeopathic teacher and has a post graduate course which has been running since 1987, the longest running post-graduate course in the world and taught throughout the world.
  • His other branches include, a homeopathic author, and homeopathic research.
  • One of his main activities is homeopathic provings which is a form of homeopathic research that involves discovering the nature of homeopathic remedies, sometimes ones that have already been worked on, discovered and used and also new homeopathic remedies.
  • In order to find out what the remedy can cure, he experiments on healthy volunteers to find out what the new remedy can cause, based on the principles of like-cures-like.
  • They take a certain number of provers (volunteers) about 10-20 including himself, and gives them the remedy in a double-blind placebo controlled experiment. They then look to find out what the range of symptoms that develop are
  • They can then correlate that together to a picture in order to know what the remedy can achieve in clinical practice
  • He talks about a lecture from Coober who are experimenting with scorpion as a remedy for terminal cancer and the pains that go with it. That was his first proving in 1982 which led to further and further provings and developing/implementing the art and science of doing the homeopathic research projects.
  • He’s proved 35 remedies from animals, to the elements on the periodic table and noble gases
  • He has done several researches on validating old provings (to repeat old provings of a remedy and to compare it double-blind to the old provings to see if homeopaths can identify it, which validates the homeopathic process)

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