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Psoriasis Treated by Homeopathy

Bottle-and-Dropper-RedThis study shows homeopathy helps psoriasis – and improves other health problems at the same time.

Eighty-two people took part in a 2-year study in which homeopathy was prescribed for their chronic psoriasis. Other types of treatments had been unsuccessful, and many of the patients had suffered with the problem for 15 years or more.

The thing to note with this study is that prescriptions were made according to the person’s unique spectrum of symptoms – not just those of the psoriasis. This is good homeopathic prescribing, and leads to many health problems improving at the same time, something that probably contributed to the improved quality of life the patients reported. They also used less medication and support services.

“The patients with psoriasis in our study suffered additionally from other pre-treated complaints of long duration. Under homeopathic treatment, the severity of psoriasis and accompanying diseases, as well as quality of life improved substantially and the uses of conventional medication and health services decreased markedly.”

This research paper also has a pie-chart of the remedies used and their frequency.

More information: Homeopathic treatment of patients with psoriasis

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