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Re-imagining mental healthcare from a homeopathic perspective

Re-imagining mental healthcare from a homeopathic perspective 1Rix Pyke says,“Pharmaceutical psychiatry has lost its way. Shuffling after the illusion of its magic-bullet cures, it has created the nightmares of the ‘revolving door syndrome’ and the iatrogenic disease-creating hell that fills our mental hospitals and dumps poor-outcome patients onto the benefits system for the rest of their lives.”

Rix discusses the state of UK mental healthcare – similar to that in other developed nations – in which a significant number of patients now appear to be “iatrogenically disabled” by their medication so that, rather than recovering, they become the long-term mentally ill.

She then looks at how treatment could be so much better and the role homeopathy can play. All in all, Rix and the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) have presented a truly enlightened article that should be read, considered, and, dare I say, implemented in mental health care today.

More Information: From Bedlam to ‘care in the community’

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