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Remedy keynotes – here are some beauties…

10390432_824411127588664_5804131136904882100_nRemedies often have ‘keynotes’ – symptoms that are associated so strongly with a particular remedy that it is hard to consider another.

Homeopathic students learn the keynotes of common remedies, but some of these keynotes are more memorable when they come from our older and more colourful texts. For example, who would have thought that someone needing Terebinth would have urine smelling like violets, that ‘type-writer’s paralysis’ responds to the remedy Stannum metallicum, or that a rectum aching as if full of broken glass needs Ratanhia?

If you would like to see more of these old-world keynotes (that are still just as true today), and learn a little about our homeopathic remedies, take a look at Dr Chaukker’s article,

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