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Research: Potentised Remedies Different to Plain Water

Research: Potentised Remedies Different to Plain Water 9In recent years, researchers have increasingly turned to easy and inexpensive plant models to show the effects of potentised remedies.

Common models have included wheat, pea, bean, and duckweed – plants and seeds any one of us could use to do the same tests, ourselves.

In this study, a team of Swiss, Dutch and Danish researchers compared the effects of a potentised remedy, Stannum metallicum 30x, with that of potentised water (30x), on growing cress seedlings.

A series of 15 independent experiments in two diferent laboratories (in Denmark and the Netherlands), showed highly significant differences between the remedy-treated seedlings and the water-treated ones.

What does this prove to homeopaths and the world at large? Not a lot except that there IS a difference between a potentised remedy and plain water … but then those of us familiar with homeopathy already knew that, didn’t we?

Now, if we could only convince those skeptics with an open mind to do the same trials….

More Information: Development of a biocrystallisation assay for examining effects of homeopathic preparations using cress seedlings.

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