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Research on Hering’s ‘Direction of Cure’

A businessman in doubt, having to choose between three differentResearchers investigate homeopathy and Hering’s ‘Direction of Cure’. Direction of Cure is a simple tool homeopaths use to tell if a person’s health is getting better … or worse. It’s so simple anyone can use it for any treatment – not just homeopathy – to work out if their symptoms are being suppressed (something that will worsen health in the long run) or if deep healing is taking place.

You can read about ‘Direction of Cure’, sometimes known as Hering’s Law, here:

Researchers have now tested whether these observations have value and their finding is: The initial data suggests that the Hering’s Law Assessment Tool (HELAT) may hold promise for a potential clinical and research outcome measure in homeopathy. Further work is now needed to formally assess its reliability and validity for potential use in clinical practice and trials.

You can read about this study here.

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