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Save the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

NurseandPatient_zpsd4c9b012Plans are in place to cut funding to the historic Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

This hospital is known world-wide for helping many with chronic disease when conventional treatments had failed them. Its demise would disadvantage them and others in the same situation.

If you want this hospital to continue with its homeopathic services, please take a few minutes to sign a petition which will be sent to those overseeing the cuts. It says, “Please don’t withdraw funding from the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital at a time when homeopathy is becoming more popular than ever. Patients want to continue using these homeopathic services and the hospital is part of our great British homeopathic heritage. Homeopathy represents excellent value for money and helps lift the burden of the overstretched services of the NHS.”

More Information: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde! Save the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

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