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Pet Prophylactics

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All 5 Canine Prophylactics
All 5 Canine Prophylactics$110.00
All 5 Feline Prophylactics
All 5 Feline Prophylactics$110.00
Canine Distemper Prophylactic
Canine Distemper Prophylactic$29.50
Canine Heartworm Prophylactic
Canine Heartworm Prophylactic$29.50
Canine Hepatitis Prophylactic
Canine Hepatitis Prophylactic$29.50
Canine Kennel Cough Prophylactic
Canine Kennel Cough Prophylactic$29.50
Canine Parvovirus Prophylactic
Canine Parvovirus Prophylactic$29.50
Feline AIDS Prophylactic
Feline AIDS Prophylactic$29.50
Feline Chlamydia Prophylactic
Feline Chlamydia Prophylactic$29.50
Feline Enteritis Prophylactic
Feline Enteritis Prophylactic$29.50
Feline Flu Prophylactic
Feline Flu Prophylactic$29.50
Feline Leukaemia Prophylactic
Feline Leukaemia Prophylactic$29.50

There are five canine (dog) prophylactics for the following diseases:

Kennel Cough

And for cats, five homeopathic feline prophylactics for the following diseases:

Cat flu
Feline Enteritis
Feline Aids
Feline Leukaemia

The remedies come in 20ml liquid bottles with instructions on dosing. Each bottle contains 120 doses, enough to protect several pets over many years.

More information on animal prophylactics is available here.

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