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Silencing the Opposition

This following post and link is not about homeopathy, but what happened to Meryl Dorey. If you have been following her story you may already be concerned that she has been a victim of a smear campaign and injustice at the highest levels. Her experiences are important to homeopathy, homeopaths, and those who use homeopathy, as the tactics employed against her are also being used against others interested in alternate health opinions in Australia and overseas.

It is clear that those who use these tactics do not have the community’s best interests at heart; it would appear that events surrounding her case have already led to a breaking of trust between those who have elected to be served and those who increasingly choose to rule over us. Read the latest troubling episode here: Womanwithfreedomstickerovermouth_zps4c6e3a9a

More Information: Silencing the Opposition