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Sinusitis – It Almost Ruined a Singing Career

Sinusitis – It Almost Ruined a Singing Career 11“Imagine a singer’s worst nightmare – not being able to sing. Madeleine’s beautiful soprano voice had been enjoyed by thousands, but for the past seven years she had been plagued by sinusitis. The constant collection of mucus over her vocal chords had ruined her voice and every month or two she would succumb to throbbing pains in the centre of her forehead and around her eyes and nose, which could last from days to weeks. If Madeleine bent forward, the pain was excruciating – it felt as if the top of her head was going to fly off.”

Madeleine’s singing career was almost over following seven years of sinusitis – until she found homeopathy. Read of how more than just sinusitis was resolved with treatment and also discover why it’s a good idea to check the ingredients included in supplements.

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