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STUDY – Homeopathic Arnica compared to a NSAID following bunion surgery

bunionResearchers wanted to test if Arnica worked as well or better than diclofenac sodium following surgery for bunions. The research showed that Arnica was better tolerated, better for patient mobility, just as good for wound inflammation and redness but not as good for pain control – though neither group needed additional pain relief throughout the study.

Keeping in mind that this was a low dose Arnica given on a set schedule rather than when the person needed it, this was a good outcome for Arnica. The conclusion of the researchers was that after foot operations, Arnica D4 can be used instead of diclofenac to reduce wound irritation.

More Information: Efficacy of Arnica montana D4 for healing of wounds after Hallux valgus surgery compared to diclofenac

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