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Study: High Blood Pressure


Study: High Blood Pressure 2

The National Academy of Homoeopathy (NAHI), India, conducted a statistical clinical study in 2014 that compared the short-term effects on blood pressure of homeopathic Veratrum viride with a common allopathic antihypertensive drug, Atenolol.

The study found there was a similar reduction in blood pressure in the Veratrum viride group as the Atenolol group.

The Veratrum viride treatment was a safer option in which participants avoided the potential side-effects of the Atenolol.

Although individualised treatment (a remedy prescription that suits the unique symptoms of each participant) was not used in this study, the therapeutic approach of one remedy for all participants irrespective of their symptoms, still produced positive results.

The researchers suggest that short-term treatment of hypertension with Veratrum viride is a viable option either prior or concurrent with individualised homeopathic treatment.

They call for further and larger population studies.

Comparative Study Between Veratrum Viride and Atenolol in Short Term Control of Blood Pressure Levels in Mild Hypertensives