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Success! Homeopathy in the garden and on the farm

1004946_760771217285989_265896422_nUsing remedies for soils and plants (agrohomeopathy) is a realtively new but developing area of homeopathy. Bit by bit, we are identifying which remedies treat which plant diseases and pests, and improve nutrient uptake from soils. It is important work.

Agrohomeopathy provides a safe, inexpensive and easy way of improving plant health and increasing food production without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilisers that affect both us and soils.

This month, the Interhomeopathy Journal focusses on agrohomeopathy with stories from people using remedies for agriculture. Learn what to do for problems such as:
– slugs
– voles
– leaf curl
– tomato blight
– box tree caterpillars
– mildew and mites

Maybe you will be inspired to try a little homeopathy for your own gardening problems? It’s a quick and easy way to show it works to sceptical friends and family.

More Information: Interhomeopathy

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