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Grief and Homeopathy 1

Grief and Homeopathy

With loss comes grief but a natural grieving process can be supported. The good doctors from the BHA discuss homeopathy for shock, anger, and profound sense of loss.

Shingles & Homeopathy 3

Shingles & Homeopathy

“On the emotional level, she became irritable very easily and had uncontrollable anger outbursts during which she screamed and wanted to do kickboxing.”

Treating ODD with Homeopathy 4

Treating ODD with Homeopathy

“He would clench his teeth in anger, his face would become flushed, and he would throw a fit of anger but later repent. And it was a daily affair…”. One particular remedy helped this child.

Tackle Anger with Homeopathy 5

Tackle Anger with Homeopathy

Unresolved anger leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and emotional responses such as rudeness or violence. It’s time for a homeopathic intervention.

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep 6

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep

Which remedy would you use for disturbed sleep following grief, excitement, exertion, fright, anxiety, anger, or alcohol. This list of primary and secondary remedies may help.

A Case of Breast Cancer 7

A Case of Breast Cancer

‘GH’ was afraid. She “Gets angry easily, says inappropriate words, usually to those who are nearby. She is a perfectionist – gets angry towards herself if she does mistakes”

Balancing a child's behaviour 8

Balancing a child’s behaviour

“Anger would arise easily. Shockingly explicit curse words would come out of her mouth, her face would turn red with rage, and her eyes would glare out hatefully.”

Homeopathy for Anger 9

Homeopathy for Anger

“… it is said that anger is the umbrella emotion and it covers numerous feelings like hurt, embarrassment, rejection, fear, insecurity.” Here’s 5 remedies for those feelings and anger.

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