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Shingles & Homeopathy 1

Shingles & Homeopathy

“On the emotional level, she became irritable very easily and had uncontrollable anger outbursts during which she screamed and wanted to do kickboxing.”

Homeopathy for Anger 2

Homeopathy for Anger

“… it is said that anger is the umbrella emotion and it covers numerous feelings like hurt, embarrassment, rejection, fear, insecurity.” Here’s 5 remedies for those and the anger. 

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep 3

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep

Which remedy would you use for disturbed sleep following grief, excitement, exertion, fright, anxiety, anger, or alcohol. This list of primary and secondary remedies may help

A Case of Breast Cancer 4

A Case of Breast Cancer

GH was afraid. She “Gets angry easily, says inappropriate words, usually to those who are nearby. She is a perfectionist – gets angry towards herself if she does mistakes” 

Treating ODD with Homeopathy 5

Treating ODD with Homeopathy

“He would clench his teeth in anger, his face would become flushed, and he would throw a fit of anger but later repent. And it was a daily affair…”. Which remedy helped this child? 

Homeopathy: Improving Memory 7

Homeopathy: Improving Memory

Think of these remedies for memory. Associated symptoms include slow comprehension, embarrassment, bouts of anger, mental exhaustion, rudeness, and more.

Grief and Homeopathy 8

Grief and Homeopathy

With loss comes grief but a natural grieving process can be supported. The good doctors from the BHA discuss homeopathy for shock, anger, and profound sense of loss.

Tackle Anger with Homeopathy 9

Tackle Anger with Homeopathy

Unresolved anger leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and emotional responses such as rudeness or violence. It’s time for a homeopathic intervention.

Three ways we can help.