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Alternate Therapies for Animals 1

Alternate Therapies for Animals

“The fundamental right to the freedom of choice in the healthcare of our animals is currently being eroded by governing bodies in several countries”, says this report.

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 11 2

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 11

We were asked if homeopathy could help clear parasites in biodynamic and organically-raised jade perch. Here’s agricultural homeopath Kaviraj’s answer.

Aussie Pets and Natural Care 3

Aussie Pets and Natural Care

“Now, new research has found that nearly 1 in 2 pet owners are willing to try allied health services or alternative therapies to improve their pet’s health and wellbeing.”

Homeopathy Useful for Pets 4

Homeopathy Useful for Pets

“My heart was broken. They told me if I hadn’t brought him in when I did that Jack would have only lived three more days, at most … The only thing left to try was homeopathy.” 

A Homeopathic Vet's Story 5

A Homeopathic Vet’s Story

Wendy Jensen, a homeopathic veterinarian who runs a house-call service from her home, explains why she chooses to treat animals with homeopathy, and why she may never retire.

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat? 7

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

Could antibiotics be contributing to the obesity epidemic? Very likely according to recent research but other options, including homeopathy exist for acute and recurrent infections.

Homeopathy at the animal shelter 8

Homeopathy at the animal shelter

Maneka Ghandi divides her time between running an animal shelter and working as a parliamentarian. She writes an interesting article for Mizo News in which she tells how homeopathy has …

Homeopathy for the “untreatables” 9

Homeopathy for the “untreatables”

A white paper denouncing homeopathy ignited a debate last year in the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It was quickly followed by a resolution from some, calling on the AVMA …

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