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VIDEO: 3 Key Remedies for Kids 1

VIDEO: 3 Key Remedies for Kids

This extract from the Homeopathy for Children webinar series looks at three important remedies for childhood health issues, behavioural problems, and learning difficulties.

A Day in a Homeopath's Clinic 2

A Day in a Homeopath’s Clinic

People often wonder what sort of things homeopaths treat in their clinics. To answer this question we asked one of our homeopaths to share her notes from a typical day.

'Inappropriate' Children 3

‘Inappropriate’ Children

“When children who have never been exposed to sexual matters start to behave inappropriately, parents are obviously concerned and confused.” One particular remedy may help.

Hong Kong Easy Homeopathy Seminar 4

Hong Kong Easy Homeopathy Seminar

Do you live in Hong Kong, or will you be visiting Hong Kong during May? If so, The Easy Homeopathy Seminar runs on the 11th of May … and you’re …

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