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Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip) 1

Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip)

Ipecac was used to cause vomiting after poisoning. Homeopathically it treats vomiting when accompanied by pain, bleeding, asthma or bronchitis.

Homeopathy for Bronchitis 2

Homeopathy for Bronchitis

A 4-year-old boy had recurrent bronchitis. fever, vomiting, and a suffocating cough. He also loved sweets and cucumbers. Can you guess the remedy he needed?

Homeopathy and Bronchitis 3

Homeopathy and Bronchitis

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to acute and chronic bronchitis. A list of useful remedies and a link to relevant research is included.

5 Best Remedies for Bronchitis 4

5 Best Remedies for Bronchitis

“When it comes to treating bronchitis, Homeopathy is very effective. In fact it is the most promising system of medicine for the treatment of bronchitis.’ says this doctor.

Remedies for Plants and Animals 5

Remedies for Plants and Animals

Learn which remedies strengthen plants in the early Spring, cure white or grey mould on leaves, treat anxiety, fevers and bronchitis in horses, and more.

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