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Video: Cows and Their Farmers Thrive 1

Video: Cows and Their Farmers Thrive

Homeopathy is the treatment of choice by organic farmers. Here’s one news report about a Kiwi homeopath who meets the demand for New Zealand dairy farmers and their cows.

Surviving Infections on the Farm 2

Surviving Infections on the Farm

“By morning …The swelling had gone down by 50% and 24 hours after that, the swelling was even better! I went from feeling miserable to feeling like a total rock star!”

Cows Benefit From Homeopathy 3

Cows Benefit From Homeopathy

An observational pilot study showed that cows with udder inflammation benefited from a combination homeopathic remedy applied directly to their teats.

Happy Cows, Happy Farmer 5

Happy Cows, Happy Farmer

Bernie Mannes runs an organic farm on which he uses homeopathy in preference to antibiotics to treat his cow’s health problems. Find out why!

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