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Homeopathy and Croup 1

Homeopathy and Croup

The conventional and homeopathic approaches for this common childhood problem are discussed. The symptom profiles of thirteen ‘croup’ remedies are presented.

Homeopathy and Croup 2

Homeopathy and Croup

“When my children awoke in the middle of the night gasping for breath, I felt the panic spread from their inability to breath to my inexperience to deal with the problem.”

Homeopathy for Croup 3

Homeopathy for Croup

Homeopathy for croup – the NCH lists key remedies. If more parents knew how good homeopathy was for croup there would be less middle of the night panic and urgent …

Homeopathy for Croup 4

Homeopathy for Croup

Debbie Bruck describes what it was like, before she studied homeopathy, when her young children had croup. She says: “I remember sitting outside on the front stoop with my young …

Croup (Simple) Complex

Contains homeopathics traditionally used for the symptoms of simple croup such as a barking cough, raspy or hoarse voice, and noisy breathing. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place 5 drops into …

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