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Dengue Fever & Homeopathy 1

Dengue Fever & Homeopathy

Brazilians regularly use homeopathy with good results to treat and prevent dengue fever. These two studies confirmed its safe and effective contribution against this disease.

Dengue prevention with homeopathy 3

Dengue prevention with homeopathy

Dengue fever is an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes. Northern Queensland is currently in the middle of an outbreak. Cairns alone has reported 59 new cases since December – a …

Dengue Fever: Still Good News 4

Dengue Fever: Still Good News

Homeopathic ‘Eupatorium perfoliatum,’ is still being distributed successfully throughout parts of India plagued by a dengue epidemic. The Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital at Tirumangalam has just organised its …

Homeopathy for Dengue 6

Homeopathy for Dengue

Dengue fever is being successfully treated by homeopathy in areas in which it is endemic. This one report from India, for example, presents the recovery of 50 affected patients.

Colombians Use Homeopathy for Dengue Fever 7

Colombians Use Homeopathy for Dengue Fever

Government officials in Colombo have just announced that they will be using homeopathy for the treatment and prevention of dengue fever in high risk areas. Local residents have welcomed the …

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