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Thailand Government uses homeopathy for dengue fever

1920580_784202101609567_1625044594_n (1)The Public Health Ministry of Thailand is considering homeoprophylaxis for the whole of Thailand after the Sing Buri province reported the lowest incidence of dengue fever during a recent epidemic. The Nation says this was the result of a trial in which school children had been given the homeopathic remedy Eupatorium perfoliatum as a preventative. Thailand is now planning further pilot studies in seven other provinces and if the results are similar, will consider implementing the program across the whole country. The Inspector General said that homeopathy was safe, low-cost, and had been used in many other countries.

It’s wonderful to see homeopathy taking root and making a difference in countries where it was previously unknown. Let’s encourage our own Australian government and its departments to take note and do similar rather than trying to suppress or ban information on homeoprophylaxis.

More Information: Ministry to try homeopathy in Sing Buri to fight dengue