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Give Rover More than a Bone 1

Give Rover More than a Bone

An ‘Awww’ story from the UK Daily Mail about four dogs who were successfully treated with alternative therapies including homeopathy.

Is Your Pet Afraid of Thunder? 3

Is Your Pet Afraid of Thunder?

“Calm and protect pets from feeling vulnerable and anxious during fireworks and thunderstorms with natural remedies and solutions to help them during scary times.”

Case: Retro-Orbital Abscess 4

Case: Retro-Orbital Abscess

Chelsea the Cocker Spaniel had stopped eating and was lethargic with a high fever, painful mouth, and retro-orbital abscess. Read which remedies came to her rescue.

Animals and Homeopathy 5

Animals and Homeopathy

Judging by these 14 articles, the good doctors from the BHA (some of whom are Vets) view animal health as seriously as human health. Look at what they treat!

Survey: Cats and Dogs Improve 6

Survey: Cats and Dogs Improve

Owners reported that up to 68% of their pets improved with homeopathy for conditions such as dermatitis, renal failure, over-grooming, fear, arthritis, colitis, and hyperthyroidism.

Homeopathy for Cancer in Animals 7

Homeopathy for Cancer in Animals

Vet, Sue Armstrong, discusses possible reasons for the staggering increase in cancer in our pets, common remedies she uses for mammary tumours, and the recovery of “S” from rectal cancer …

The Queen's Corgis 9

The Queen’s Corgis

It’s good to read the Queen’s corgis are treated with homeopathy. From all reports they are thriving but it’s not just the Royal pets who benefit – the Queen and …

Homeopathic study on animals 11

Homeopathic study on animals

In this study, vets used homeopathy for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, goats, and 1 cow and 1 tortoise! 79.8% of animals showed improvement with strongly positive outcomes …

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