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Dry Skin

Know Your Remedies: Arsenicum Album (Ars.) 1

Know Your Remedies: Arsenicum Album (Ars.)

“Those who need Arsenicum are prone to hypochondriasis and are intolerant of untidiness and disorder. They are anxious, critical, and restless, and dislike being alone …”

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms 2

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms

Feeling tired and weak with a headache, sore body parts, cold hands and feet, chills or fever, flushed face or dry skin? Here’s a list of remedies that cover these and other symptoms.

Dry Skin Remedies 3

Dry Skin Remedies

Learn about causes of dry skin, ways to prevent it and suitable homeopathic remedies for treatment. They cover dryness in winter, leather-like skin, painful cracks and more.

A Day in a Homeopath's Clinic 4

A Day in a Homeopath’s Clinic

People often wonder what sort of things homeopaths treat in their clinics. To answer this question, we asked one of ours to share her notes on a typical clinic day.

Know Your Remedies: Petroleum (Petr.) 5

Know Your Remedies: Petroleum (Petr.)

Those who need this remedy will have dry skin that is prone to deep bleeding cracks, and will feel hungry at night. They may also lose their way in well-known streets.

Remedies for Heel Cracks 6

Remedies for Heel Cracks

Dry, cracked and sensitive heels, itching cracks, painful cracks that bleed on walking or washing, offensive sweat that leads to cracking? One of these five remedies may help.

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