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Epilepsy and Homeopathy 1

Epilepsy and Homeopathy

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to epilepsy and take a look at symptom profiles of several remedies that match its symptoms. A study link is included.

Epilepsy and Its Management 3

Epilepsy and Its Management

“If you base your prescription merely on physical symptoms of epilepsy and seizure type, the recovery may be temporary. However…” What else does this doctor say about homeopathy?

Epilepsy in a Woman of 25 4

Epilepsy in a Woman of 25

“Her family was afraid the social stigma would potentially hinder marriage. Her family warns her not to disclose her sickness or any trace of her odd behavior to anyone.” 

Epilepsy Remedies 5

Epilepsy Remedies

Compare and contrast the conventional and homeopathic approaches to epilepsy, and the homeopathic remedies traditionally used for seizure-related symptoms.

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy 6

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy

“The seizures started at age 8 after the death of her grand-mother whom she was very close to. Episodes included salivation, tingling in hands & convulsive movements of the arms.”

Homeopathy for Brain Disease 7

Homeopathy for Brain Disease

Is your loved one suffering from amnesia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, autism, stroke, concussion, or even a brain tumour? Homeopathy helps symptoms arising from these disorders.

Panayiotopoulous and Tourette's 8

Panayiotopoulous and Tourette’s

After a traumatic weaning, this young girl was reserved, solitary, moody, and sighed a lot. Twitches and epilepsy followed. Which remedy do you think she needed, and why?

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