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France: Removing Homeopathy 3

France: Removing Homeopathy

“France’s health watchdog has recommended that homeopathic medicines should no longer be paid for by the country’s health system…”

France: Threat to Homeopathy 4

France: Threat to Homeopathy

“In virtually every French family’s medicine chest, there’s at least one tube of spherical pills that look something like Tic Tacs … that many French and their doctors swear by.”

Homeopathy endangered in France 5

Homeopathy endangered in France

French homeopathic doctors warn that homeopathy is in grave danger in their country. The implementation of a European directive means that 75% of essential homeopathic remedies will become unavailable. As …

Homeopathy - Popular In India 7

Homeopathy – Popular In India

Some interesting stats on homeopathy in India from 2011: Its popularity is second only to France The homeopathic market is growing by 30% each year Over 100 million people are …

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