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Multiple Health Problems Improve 1

Multiple Health Problems Improve

Barry suffered from sinusitis, headaches, hay fever, high blood pressure, rising PSA levels, insomnia and anxiety. They improved with one remedy – but which one, and why?

Remedy for an Artist's Headaches 3

Remedy for an Artist’s Headaches

Rhus toxicodendron quickly resolved this man’s headaches but only because it was a good match for his symptoms. What were they and how did the homeopath know?

Arnica: A Clinical Snapshot 6

Arnica: A Clinical Snapshot

Arnica is a remedy to consider for types of head injury, pain worsened by touch, pounding headaches, PTSD, acne with abscesses, herpes zoster … and more.

Headaches and Homeopathy 9

Headaches and Homeopathy

Does your headache throb? Perhaps it feels heavy, congestive, or like a thousand little hammers on waking? See which remedies match these and other symptoms. 

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