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Migraine for Homeopathy 1

Migraine for Homeopathy

24 remedies for 24 different types of migraines – pounding, throbbing, light-sensitive, nausea, congestive, bursting, visual disturbances, and other symptoms.

Relief from Food Poisoning 3

Relief from Food Poisoning

Those who have experienced it know the symptoms – nausea, retching, cramping, thirst, and more. Relief is available with these five key remedies. Also consider Carbo vegetabilis.

Remedies for Food Poisoning 5

Remedies for Food Poisoning

Not so well after eating fish, shellfish, sweets or meat? Simple homeopathic remedies help burning pain chilliness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and wind (gas).

Nutmeg as the homeopathic remedy, Nux Moschata (Nux-m.)

Know Your Remedies: Nux Moschata (Nux-m.)

Who would have thought that common nutmeg, a spice regularly used for culinary purposes, could treat symptoms such as confusion and sleepiness when potentised into a remedy?

Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip) 6

Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip)

In past times, Ipecac was used to cause vomiting after poisoning. Homeopathically it now treats vomiting accompanied by pain, bleeding, asthma or bronchitis

Homeopathy for Food Poisoning 7

Homeopathy for Food Poisoning

The conventional and homeopathic approach to food poisoning is compared. Five useful remedies for treating it at home are presented.

Morning Sickness & Pregnancy 8

Morning Sickness & Pregnancy

“Choose one of the remedies below that most closely fits the symptoms at hand, and for most moms, if the remedy is taken twice daily for 1-10 days, there’s often a nice shift.”

Three ways we can help.