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Remedies for Cold Sores 2

Remedies for Cold Sores

These 9 remedies suit various symptoms of cold sores – neuralgic pains, crusting, cracking and bleeding, numbness, sores triggered by stimulants, and other symptoms.

Homeopathy for Sciatica 3

Homeopathy for Sciatica

Ten remedies for sciatic pain – tearing, shooting, constricting, numbness, need to move or need to keep still, and numerous other symptoms. One of these remedies could help you.

Know Your Remedies: Phosphorus (Phos.) 4

Know Your Remedies: Phosphorus (Phos.)

Those needing Phosphorus are usually open, friendly, and sympathetic but also prone to anxiety. Physical symptoms include palpitations, goitre, ulcers, and hypoglycaemia.

Remedies for Heel Pain 5

Remedies for Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs produce pain, cramping, numbness, swelling and a range of other symptoms. Here’s a list of remedies to get you up and walking again.

Stories from Ghana 6

Stories from Ghana

Homeopath Richard Pitt recently took a sabbatical in Ghana to assist with a professional training program. He shares just three stories in the Homeopathy Links magazine of people who benefited …

Study: Remedies for Pains in the Neck 8

Study: Remedies for Pains in the Neck

If you’re suffering with pain from cervical spondylosis or cervical radiculopathy then homeopathy can help. Dr Madhaven discusses a study and lists homeopathic remedies.

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