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Know Your Remedies: Graphites (Graph.) 1

Know Your Remedies: Graphites (Graph.)

Graphites is a remedy for anxiety and types of skin complaints. Those needing it are often chilly, prone to obesity, and dislike sweet things – especially with meat. Sound familiar?

Homeopathy Helps Obesity 2

Homeopathy Helps Obesity

It works to reduce cravings, rebalance hormones, and stabilise emotions so that it’s easier for the overweight person to make better lifestyle choices.

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat? 3

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

Could antibiotics be contributing to the obesity epidemic? Very likely according to recent research but other options, including homeopathy exist for acute and recurrent infections.

Know Your Remedy: Capsicum Annuum (Caps.) 4

Know Your Remedy: Capsicum Annuum (Caps.)

Capsicum Annuum, commonly called red pepper, is an annual herbaceous plant grown in warmer parts of the world for its edible oblong fruit. The homoeopathic remedy, Capsicum (Caps.), is prepared …

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat? 5

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

Have antibiotics contributed to the obesity epidemic which is now such a problem in the West? Most likely, according to recent research. The killing of gut bacteria by antibiotics has …

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