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Coffee Helps a Sleepless Husband

Question: My husband can’t sleep at night unless he has a cup of coffee before going to bed. He thinks I’m joking when I tell him it’s not just the …

Know Your Remedies: Pyrogenium (Pyrog.)

Homeopathic remedy Pyrogenium read article for more information on the symptoms it covers,. Examples include types of typhoid fever, empyema (a collection of pus around the lungs), severe sinusitis, puerperal infection (infection following childbirth) and more.

What’s homeopathy? Homeopathy is the second most popular form of medicine worldwide. It’s used by millions of people to treat a wide range of problems – including anxiety. Homeopathy is …


Contains homeopathics traditionally used for the symptoms of anxiety such as nervousness, palpitations, restlessness, blushing, trembling and starting. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place 5 drops into the mouth. Dose every …