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Music to Ease the Blues 1

Music to Ease the Blues

Did you know that music can produce a homeopathic effect? The like-treats-like approach of these sombre pieces may unexpectedly relieve your moody blues – try and see!

Grief and Homeopathy 3

Grief and Homeopathy

A doctor explores how homeopathy is used in cases of grief that may involve shock, instability, anger, and not being able to process the effects of the loss.

Empty Nest Syndrome 4

Empty Nest Syndrome

Arsenicum, Nat-mur and Ignatia each treated a layer of illness in a case of empty nest syndrome for a woman who had been traumatized by alcoholic father and deaths in her family.

Grief and Trauma Remedies 5

Grief and Trauma Remedies

How do you respond to loss or trauma? Weep? Succumb to irritable outbursts? Feel exhausted and debilitated? Or perhaps you dread a recurrence?

Homeopathy and Depression 6

Homeopathy and Depression

Prolonged or acute sadness, troubling thoughts, or other depression-related symptoms? A doctor discusses how one of these 14 remedies may help.

10 Remedies for Sadness 7

10 Remedies for Sadness

Sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or restless? They are all depression-related symptoms. Here’s 10 remedies to consider. 

Homeopathy and Depression 8

Homeopathy and Depression

“Large numbers of homeopathic remedies have large, and quite intricate symptom pictures dealing with all kinds of emotions – including sadness or depression.”

Three ways we can help.