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Video: Stress Relief for Lambs 1

Video: Stress Relief for Lambs

David has to dock the tail of lambs on his farm to control fly-strike and infection. He decided to see what homeopathy could do. Watch him as he explains his problem and what happened.

Boosting Kid's Confidence 2

Boosting Kid’s Confidence

“I’m the worst reader in the class,” Sara announced mid-first grade. “I’m just dumb.” Sara’s mother was heart-broken by these words until Sara was given a dose of the correct remedy.

Homeopathy for School Anxiety 3

Homeopathy for School Anxiety

School is returning for some of us, and so is anxiety and stress in children. As always, homeopathy can help. This article discusses the remedies Bar-c, Silica and Pulsatilla.

Remedies for Stress 4

Remedies for Stress

"Homeopathy is a holistic remedy, never dissociating physical symptoms (migraine, insomnia, back ache) with the patient’s mental state."

Homeopathic Pharmacist 5

Homeopathic Pharmacist

Advice and information, colds and flu, mother & child health, anxiety & stress and injuries, aches & pains.These are the main reasons why people visit a homeopathic pharmacist.

Dyshidrosis helped by homeopathy – Betty’s Story 6

Dyshidrosis helped by homeopathy – Betty’s Story

Betty says: “I’m not sure how/what led to my horrible dyshidrosis experience/nightmare. I think it may have been the perfect storm of stress, taking penicillin for a root canal, wearing […]

Homeopathy changes brain activity 7

Homeopathy changes brain activity

Researchers, using an electroencephalogram (EEG), have measured changes in brain activity after test subjects were given a homeopathic remedy for stress. The changes were similar to those seen with related […]

How to Stress a Mouse 8

How to Stress a Mouse

Scientists, in two pooled studies, gave white mice the homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium, and then placed them under stress to see if it helped them cope with anxiety. Fortunately, they were […]

Homeopathy for Anxiety Disorders 10

Homeopathy for Anxiety Disorders

Are you bothered by anxiety, phobias or panic attacks? What about obsessive-compulsive (OCD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Do you feel overwhelmed, immobilized, and unable to accomplish the task at […]