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The Power of Negative Thinking

The Power of Negative Thinking 1A new year has started, and if you already have your goals and resolutions in place, this article from the Wall Street Journal may interest to you. It’s called The Power of Negative Thinking, and it discusses how goal-setting may have the reverse effect and lead to failure.

It says, “Both ancient philosophy and modern psychology suggest that darker thoughts can make us happier..” and, “Just thinking in sober detail about worst-case scenarios can help to sap the future of its anxiety-producing power.”

There is a lot of homeopathy in this fascinating article, but only if you know the principle that underpins homeopathy. Can you pick where it is?

In our first newsletter of the year we would like to conclude with our best wishes to you for 2013!

More Information: The Power of Negative Thinking

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