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Tim Ferriss looks at homeopathy

Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week, has been experimenting with homeopathic Arnica – and was surprised to find he healed faster with the 30C potency pills than his normal ‘go to’ Arnica cream. Since then he has been scratching his head as to how this could be and has turned to some alternative canards regularly offered up by skeptopathic groups. Fortunately, his regular readers have set him straight (and perhaps you may like to as well). I haven’t read the full list of comments but I do hope some have also advised him that herbal Arnica and potentised Arnica are both prepared from the Arnica plant and work by a like-treats-like homeopathic effect. The only difference is that potentised arnica works more quickly and deeply and is safer (as Tim has already discovered). Good on you, Tim – and please keep experimenting.

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