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Treating a sick lionhead Goldfish

Sami writes:

I have a problem with my lionhead Goldfish.

She’s very sick with Fin rot and white dot appears on her head and close to eye.

I think it is called Ich desease, and her gills are also in little bit dark color.

Is there any homeopathic medicine for these deseases?

And please tell me what type of water temperature will be suitable for her now-a-days in winter.

She hides herself in the corner of the aquarium.

I’m so worried about her.

Now, we are not experts in fishology so we thought Kaviraj would be the best person to answer. He says:

My experience with fish and specifically lionhead goldfish is restricted to the time I had fishponds in Perth, Western Australia. That lasted about 4 years after which I moved to the east coast. They are fish that survive very well in the cooler temperatures of the West Australian winter, even in outside fishponds.

The problem you mention I never encountered so the remedies I am going to recommend are remedies I have used for other problems with the scale but which by their very action on the fish stand a good chance of doing some good. I cannot guarantee they will fix the problem, but if you do not shoot, you always miss.

The first remedy is called Staphysagria which has as symptoms lice infestation, thick scabs and dry skin in humans and inflamed scale in fish, associated with asphyxiation. The second remedy is called Sabadilla and I used it for apparent inflamed eyes.

Fish needing either of these remedies will hide in among plants but come to the surface very often and seemingly gasp for breath with their mouths outside the water. As Ich disease seems like a lice infestation, Staphysagria seems like your best bet.

Either remedy can be added to the fish tank in liquid form. Depending on the size of the tank, 2-3 drops are dissolved in a litre. Then give 20 succussions (strong shakes in which the base of the bottle or container is hit against a solid object so the liquid is well agitated). Add the litre to your tank. Do not use both remedies ate the same time since one may cancel out the action of the other.

My fish recovered but since I have no visuals of your fish, I cannot say that these remedies will be the right ones for them. Again, if you do not try, you will have no results and your fish will not likely survive without fins.

Good luck with your fish Sami.

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