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Treating Allergies with Homeopathy

Many plants such as this dandelion stir up peoples allergies. The good news is that homeopathy can help.There are 3 options for using potentised remedies for treating allergies. These are:

  1. Buy an ‘allergy’ complex (combination remedy).
  2. Make an appointment for an acute prescription with a homeopath.
  3. See a homeopath for a longer constitutional appointment.


1. Buy an ‘allergy’ complex (combination remedy). Complexes contain a mix of potentised remedies that match the common symptoms of allergies. The consumer doses according to instructions on the bottle and if the needed remedy is in the bottle, an improvement takes place by at least 3 doses. If not, dosing should stop as without that remedy, the complex won’t help no matter how many doses are taken. As an estimate, complexes help about 80% of consumers who purchase them but they are a superficial and “hit and miss” approach for those who need quick help but don’t know how to choose the needed remedy. If successful, Complexes relieve symptoms but don’t get deep enough to stimulate real cure – symptoms repeatedly return with a strong likelihood of the Complex being less effective over time.

2. Make an appointment for an acute prescription with a homeopath. The homeopath will focus on the allergy symptoms to pinpoint the needed remedy (or you may be able to do this yourself if familiar with homeopathy). This approach will be more precise than using a complex but is still a superficial approach – symptoms will return once the benefit of the complex wears off and over time it may not help as much. Other health problems will also continue.

3. See a homeopath for a longer constitutional appointment. Allergies are really just a part of a much bigger imbalance. A chronic or constitutional appointment assesses the allergy in the context of the person’s other health problems – physical or mental-emotional. The remedy that corresponds to this symptom totality improves the allergy plus the other complaints. The process, depending on the other problems and how rapidly they respond to the remedy,  may take just one or two appointments or may require a longer course of treatment. The main benefit of this approach is that that many things, including the allergy, improve or disappear altogether so the person returns to a sounder and more resilient state of health. This is homeopathic treatment at its best.