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Tutorial 11 – Return of Old Symptoms

Tutorial 11 - Return of Old Symptoms 2

In previous tutorials, we’ve discussed the Law of Similars, Vital Force, Direction of Cure, palliation, and suppression. This tutorial will demonstrate how these concepts come into play in the story of Marie, a woman experiencing a mid-life crisis who managed to turn her life around. Her case exemplifies how an individual’s lifelong symptoms can disappear in reverse chronological order with the proper homeopathic treatment.

Marie and Menopause

Marie was a woman entering menopause, and her symptoms were making life unbearable. She experienced up to 20 hot flashes per day, which left her drenched in sweat, cold, and clammy. She felt a burning sensation in her palms and the soles of her feet, as if they were dipped in hot water. At the peak of each hot flash, she craved cold drinks. Sleep had eluded her since the hot flashes began.

Marie also complained of low energy, difficulty concentrating, and a terrible memory. She was irritable and moody, and her husband bore the brunt of these changes, causing strain in their marriage.

Upon questioning, I learned that Marie also had asthma since her late 20s, using inhalers for prevention and control. She had to be cautious around flowers, as their fragrance could induce wheezing. Additionally, she experienced regular, pulsating migraines on her right side, which began in her neck and moved up to her forehead and eye. Nausea often accompanied these migraines, and belching or vomiting provided only temporary relief. She craved sour things and preferred lying in the dark. Sleep would eventually alleviate the migraine. The frequency and intensity of these migraines had lessened since menopause began.

Following the Prescription…

Marie’s menopausal symptoms aligned with those treated by the homeopathic remedy Sanguinaria Canadensis. Within a week of taking the remedy, her hot flashes reduced by half, and her energy increased significantly. I advised her to continue the treatment.

At Marie’s first follow-up appointment, several interesting developments emerged. Her hot flashes had further decreased to one or two mild episodes per day, and the burning in her hands and feet had vanished. With these improvements, her sleep quality also improved. Her asthma was less problematic, and she could breathe deeply and easily. However, she was worried about other recent occurrences.

After our previous phone call, Marie had a severe migraine, similar to those she experienced before menopause. Additionally, her right shoulder, which had been pain-free since receiving a cortisone injection years prior, was causing discomfort. She was concerned that these issues signaled a return to her previous painful experiences.

Furthermore, although her asthma had improved, it was replaced by hay fever, which she hadn’t experienced since her mid-20s. As a child, hay fever had been a significant issue for her, requiring extensive medication. At 26, she underwent surgery to remove nasal polyps caused by hay fever. The condition subsided soon after, and she had been symptom-free ever since – until now.

Other returning symptoms included one-day bouts of dizziness when turning her head suddenly and painful heartburn after evening meals. Marie worried these symptoms could fully return. What was happening?

What Does it all Mean?

When a homeopath hears a patient mention the return of past symptoms, excitement arises because the outcome is likely to be positive. The “return of old symptoms” signifies that the homeopathic remedy has stimulated the Vital Force to heal not only the current issue, but also to address suppressed layers of ill-health accumulated over time.

Previous tutorials have explained that choosing medicines that suppress rather than support our symptoms can work against our body’s healing efforts. While suppression provides short-term relief, it cannot heal deep energetic imbalances. Instead, suppression leads to deteriorating health, weakening our vitality and making us more susceptible to disease and other health problems in the future.

This is precisely what happened to Marie.

Her hay fever had never been truly healed, only partially suppressed. With this avenue no longer available, Marie’s Vital Force sought a new way to alleviate its energetic imbalance and found nasal polyps. When the polyps were surgically removed, asthma became the next outlet.

The story continued with shoulder pain, vertigo, migraines, menopausal symptoms, confusion, poor memory, and mood changes. Persistent suppression and weakened vitality eventually impacted her brain and hormonal system.

The appropriate homeopathic remedy reversed Marie’s downward spiral. Today, she is a healthy and happily married menopausal woman who continues to use homeopathy as her primary treatment whenever necessary.

Sanguinaria Canadensis – What a Remedy!

Homeopathic Sanguinaria is derived from an herb naturally found in the United States, Canada, and India. Commonly known as Bloodroot, this remedy is unique in that many of its symptoms appear on the right side of the body. Homeopathic Sanguinaria can treat health complaints such as: headaches and migraines; hay fever; asthma; reflux and heartburn; coughs, bronchitis, and pneumonia; bursitis and shoulder pain; nasal polyps; tuberculosis; and menopausal symptoms.

Individuals requiring Sanguinaria may have low energy, feel irritable, and struggle with concentration. They might crave cold water and spicy or sour food. Burning sensations are typical, especially during hot flashes, in the palms and soles, with heartburn and hay fever, or accompanying vaginal or penile discharges. The sensation is often described as being burnt by hot water or steam. Strong odors or flower pollens can trigger hay fever and asthma, which are commonly followed by diarrhea.


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