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Tutorial 8 – Potentised Remedies and the Vital Force

Tutorial 8 - Potentised Remedies and the Vital Force 2

Correcting an Imbalance

The previous discussion explored how physical symptoms stem from an imbalance in the body’s bio-energy. This article delves into the way homeopathic remedies address this imbalance, based on the principles established by Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy:

  1. Ill health symptoms result from the interaction between a bio-energetic imbalance and the Vital Force’s efforts to correct it.
  2. To genuinely address the issue, an energetic medicine is required. Chemical medicines may suppress symptoms but fail to correct the underlying energetic imbalance.
  3. A remedy’s symptom picture must match the symptoms of the imbalance to effectively correct the problem. Suppressing symptoms without addressing the imbalance can lead to worsened health issues over time.
  4. The remedy must be energetically stronger than the imbalance to have an effect. Potentization increases a remedy’s strength.
  5. A well-matched remedy, administered in the right potency, temporarily replaces the imbalance’s weaker symptoms with its own stronger, short-lived symptoms. This process typically goes unnoticed by the patient.
  6. The Vital Force cannot distinguish between the imbalance’s symptoms and the remedy’s matching symptoms. It accepts the new symptoms without resistance.
  7. The remedy’s effects and associated symptoms dissipate, leaving behind a disease-free state.
  8. The Vital Force rebounds against the fading symptoms of the remedy, restoring health and equilibrium.

This process involves two main steps: the original symptoms are replaced by the correct remedy’s symptoms, and the Vital Force’s rebound effect restores health.

However, as vitality weakens with age, and imbalances become more pronounced, complete healing with a single dose becomes rare. In such cases, multiple doses are required to gradually restore health. The Vital Force’s strength can be compared to a muscle that improves with exercise. Repeated doses of a remedy can strengthen the Vital Force and lead to lasting improvements.

The speed of recovery depends on three factors: the strength of the Vital Force, the degree of imbalance, and the similarity between the remedy and symptom profiles. Occasionally, full health can be restored with just one dose if the symptom match is accurate, the vitality is strong, and the imbalance is recent or minor. More commonly, a series of doses is needed.

As treatment progresses, the symptoms may change due to the remedy’s partial suppression of the imbalance. In this case, a new remedy with a closer symptom match must be prescribed to continue the healing process. Multiple remedies might be needed during the course of treatment.

Despite the observable effects of homeopathy, the exact mechanism remains unknown. Current scientific instruments lack the sensitivity to measure homeopathic potencies and energy-level healing. Nevertheless, homeopathy has demonstrated its ability to transfer the symptom-producing abilities of a substance to a liquid or sugar pill remedy, which can then be administered according to the Law of Similars to safely trigger a healing effect. Homeopaths have been practicing this method for two centuries and will likely continue doing so in the future.

Case 1: A Quick Recovery

Three-year-old Kade woke up crying past midnight, displaying signs of agitation, fear, and restlessness. His mother noticed his flushed cheek, swollen tonsils, and high fever. Following her home-use remedy kit’s guidelines, she administered Aconite, a homeopathic remedy. Within 10 minutes, Kade’s fever broke and he fell asleep 20 minutes later. The next day, he was back to his normal, playful self.

Comment: Kade’s mother made a wise choice with Aconite, which is effective for the initial stage of illness marked by rapid onset, severe symptoms, restlessness, and anxiety. His quick recovery indicates strong vitality and a well-matched prescription.

Case 2: Comprehensive Relief

Thirty-six-year-old Alex suffered from various symptoms, including insomnia, bad breath, heartburn, flatulence, hemorrhoids, sinus issues, hay fever, asthma, dry skin, and mouth sores. He also feared heights and death. Over three months, Alex was given several doses of homeopathic Sulphur in different potencies, ultimately alleviating all his symptoms.

Comment: Alex’s symptoms closely resembled those experienced during Sulphur provings, making the prescription straightforward. His rapid response to treatment required several doses and potencies, but ultimately, he became symptom-free and no longer needed Sulphur.

Case 3: Step by Step Improvement

Renae sought homeopathic treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome and panic attacks. She had a history of various symptoms, including liver pain, bloating, blurred vision, nosebleeds, tremors, chemical sensitivities, and a dry cough. She also suffered from long-term Bowen’s disease, a skin condition with crusty pre-cancerous growths.

Initially, Renae was prescribed homeopathic Sepia, which improved her energy levels, anxiety, bloating, trembling, and dry mouth. However, her bowel function became sluggish and new fears emerged. She was then prescribed Calcarea carbonica, which further improved her anxiety and bowel function, but her skin condition worsened, and she developed a watery nasal discharge. Finally, she was prescribed Arsenicum iodatum, which led to the shedding of her scaly growths and ongoing improvements in her overall condition.

Renae’s case demonstrates the importance of adjusting the prescription to match the patient’s evolving symptoms. In her case, multiple remedies were needed to address her underlying imbalances and support her journey towards a healthier and happier life.

Tutorial 8 - Potentised Remedies and the Vital Force 3

Catchy but Flawed Analogies

  1. Like reinforcements sent to a struggling cavalry, the Vital Force can be strengthened by a remedy that mimics the symptoms it is experiencing. to correct its imbalance.
  2. In another illustration, the homeopathic remedy acts as a mirror to the Vital Force, reflecting the poor shape it is in. Shocked by what it sees the Vital Force intensifies its efforts to do something about the problem.

1 See Tutorial 1 for further information about the Law of Similars.
2 See Tutorials 3, 4 and 5 for further information about potentisation.


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