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UK urged to consider homeopathy to avoid “getting left behind”

ukHomeopathic Vet, Jeff Johnson, says in Vets Online:

“We can’t just keep giving steroids and antibiotics to anyone that is ill; there must be another way to do it. The rest of the world is not close minded to homeopathy and we are going to get left behind…The [lack of homeopathy] is a uniquely British thing. Around 60 per cent of doctors in Germany use homeopathy. If you go into any chemist in Europe there is a homeopathic section in the chemist. It’s well established in American veterinary circles and there are 100,000 veterinary surgeons in India. Homeopathy has just moved into China, where there is a massive school.”

Read the rest of what Jeff has to say at:

More Information: UK urged to consider homeopathy to avoid “getting left behind”

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