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University Uses Homeopathy for Malaria

‘Like Treats Like’ Works Again

Researchers at Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) have discovered that ultra low doses of the malaria parasite trigger an immune response that protects against multiple strains and species of that parasite.

Professor Michael Good, lead researcher, stated at a recent media release:

“The sleeping parasite is then injected in very small doses and we have observed very  strong immune responses that can protect from multiple strains and species of the parasite, thus potentially overcoming the major hurdle to developing a vaccine.”

Once again, this is homeopathy – an approach homeopaths have used successfully for malaria protection and prevention for centuries.

Griffith University’s Laboratory of Vaccines for the Developing World is planning to officially launch this new vaccine this coming Friday, following which it will undergo further development.

BUT, if researchers at the University were to explore the homeopathic effect further they would be pleasantly surprised to find that the dose could be made even smaller and injections not needed at all.

AND, the developing world for which the vaccine is being prepared would benefit substantially through reduced production and distribution costs and improved safety.

OR, developing countries could even learn to homeopathically prepare the parasite themselves in a very simple process that is free of any costly patents.

It’s all about homeopathy.

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