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Viral Load Reduced in Hepatitis B

Viral Load Reduced in Hepatitis B 4Hepatitis B is considered incurable by orthodox medicine, but the following is a case of man whose viral load, energy, appetite and general well-being improved markedly with homeopathic treatment.

Of course in the world of science, one case report is not considered proof of efficacy or cure, but the improvement in this man’s symptoms is frequently seen in others who visit homeopathic clinics for treatment of their Hepatitis B. Unfortunately, homeopaths usually do not have access to pathology services to fully document their results, and the people they treat are often on other medications as well, which adds another variable – something which was not the case with this man.

The important thing to note about this case is that the remedy he was given will not suit all cases of Hep B. It only helped him because it matched the symptom totality of his case. If you have Hep B and would like to try homeopathy for it, please see a well-trained and qualified homeopath who will select the remedy indicated by your symptoms.

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