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What is a Complex?

  • Complexes are combinations of the most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies for simple acute health problems. Homeopathy Plus! complexes are dispensed as a liquid in a bottle from which you take drop doses.
  • Complexes are a useful treatment option for those times when you are unsure of the exact homeopathic remedy needed for your symptoms. If the remedy that matches your symptoms is in the mix, it will relieve them and everyone will be happy. If a less commonly used remedy, not included in the mix, was needed, the worst that will happen is nothing.
  • Each Homeopathy Plus! Complex contains 120 doses.

Why Use a Complex?

  • Complexes are a useful treatment option for simple acute complaints when you are unsure of the precise homeopathic remedy needed for your symptoms.
  • Complexes are pleasant to use – no hard-to-swallow tablets
  • Complexes are easy to use – just a five drops placed on the tongue from bottle’s dropper.
  • Complexes tastes great, almost like water – no unpleasant ‘medicine’ taste.
  • Complexes will not poison or harm – no matter what your age.
  • Complexes can be safely taken with other medicines – no interactive effects
  • Complexes make useful gifts for family and friends

How to Use Your Complex

  1. Shake the Complex bottle and with the bottle dropper, place approximately 5 drops of the Complex into your mouth.
  2. If there is no improvement at all by 4 doses, stop taking your Complex as it doesn’t contain the remedy you need. Consult your homeopath for further assistance.
  3. Commence taking your Complex at the frequency indicated on the bottle label. As improvement begins, space the doses further apart –  the remedy can be taken for more than 4 doses if needed. Stop taking the remedy when symptoms are no longer present.
  4. If the acute complaint you are treating with the Complex is a regular problem, be aware that constitutional treatment by a qualified homeopath will help correct the underlying weakness that allows the complaint to recur.