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What’s Happening Since the Earthquake? Homeopathy in Haiti

What’s Happening Since the Earthquake? Homeopathy in Haiti 11Nurse practitioner and homeopath Lauren Fox is a volunteer with Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB).

She has just made her third visit to Haiti to provide homeopathic treatment and training to those still affected by the 2010 earthquake. Of the patients attending the clinics, Lauren says many are chronically malnourished, have severe anaemia and suffer from complaints such as headache, muscular/skeletal problems, eye problems, digestive problems and reflux.

During this current visit, she was involved in the training of 15 homeopathic students who will soon graduate from HWB’s ‘‘Fundamentals Program,’’ a curriculum in homeopathic therapeutics. The students consist of pharmacists, nurses, medical students, and community workers.

Lauren says that though there have been gradual improvements since the devastation of 2010, aid to the country has now slowed and there is still much to be done.

More Information: Mass. woman helps promote homeopathy in Haiti

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